Healo Capital is a family-owned and operated firm with investments in North America and the South Pacific. We offer specialty financing (hard money/private lending), buy and hold real estate, and seek development projects that meet our parameters.

At Healo Capital, we value creativity, integrity, and personal relationships as key components of everything we do.  We look for the same characteristics in our clients, vendors, contractors, and partners.  We make decisions quickly, but thoughtfully, do what we say we’ll do, and develop creative solutions where they don’t yet exist.




How do we maintain a “fresh” approach to business?


First and foremost, we like to keep things personal. Capital markets are often rampant with stuffy and aloof personalities and processes. We’ve set out to be the alternative.

Proud to be a family owned and operated company, we’ve become a preferred client and partner with many individuals and businesses because we emphasize the value relationships, transparency, flexibility, authenticity, and the refreshing use of common sense.

Secondly, we view ‘convention’ as the opposite of ‘fresh.’ We believe conventional wisdom is often heavy on convention and light on wisdom. We also believe that common advice leads to a very common results. Yawn.

To remain innovative, we challenge ourselves from the inside out. This means not only identifying and embracing core values, but also challenging traditional business dogma by wedding paradoxical values. Instead of seeing this seemingly contradictory relationship as a source of conflict and compromise, we view the uncommon pairing of values as a significant source of inspiration, value, and creativity.

For instance, at Healo we embrace the following:

Tradition and innovation.

Focus and flexibility.

Profit and value.

Imagination and reason.

Caution and risk-taking.

Suspicion and optimism.

Analysis and intuition.

Urgency and patience.

Growth and long term sustainability.

Creativity and simplification.

Business and adventure.

Focus on any one value in the pairings above without its contrarian counterpart and what do you get? A common, tiresome, often unsustainable result.

Well, not on Healo’s watch.

We believe business gives individuals the opportunity to reshape the way we’ve been told to think about life and lifestyle — and at Healo we’ve exercised that opportunity. Work with us and see for yourself.

But first, you have to contact us.

* We are a direct source, private lender and investor. We are not associated or affiliated with any regulatory agency in any state. We do not hold any mortgage broker or mortgage banker licenses and we do not subscribe to any governing policies or limitations that conventional lenders might adhere to or be restricted by.





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