When used responsibly, lending and credit is a powerful fuel for economic growth. At Healo we provide equity-based lending for real estate properties and enjoy working with capable and creative investors to help them accomplish their investing goals.

Our reputation as a Hard Money / Private Money Lender is built upon 30 years of swift, reliable, creative, and trustworthy service. Unlike conventional lenders (banks), we can make decisions promptly and act quickly.

We offer equity-based loans secured by a Note and first Deed of Trust.



The most common reasons to seek hard money are:

  • Time constraints that require a quick close.
  • Unusual credit/income situation.
  • Credit score complications.
  • Unusual property or property condition (e.g. unfinished construction).
  • The Borrower does not meet the stringent requirements of conventional underwriting guidelines.


We consider several important aspects of before making a loan. Some of these factors include:

  • Investor’s personal income and credit.
  • Use of funds.
  • Loan position (we only make loans in first position).
  • Type of building and unique characteristics.
  • Current market value of the subject property.
  • Property income (Specifically, the NOI – Net Operating Income).
  • Condition of subject property.
  • LTV Loan to Value (we typically do not make loans above a 60% or 70% LTV).


We have been involved in a variety of projects and loans, however, there are some things we do NOT lend on. Some of those projects and situations include:

  • Land loans
  • Mobile homes
  • Commercial retail over $4M
  • Commercial office over $4M
  • Construction loans
  • Partially constructed properties
  • Owner occupied residential loans

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